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Youth feels like this in the corona time


A survey was conducted on how much social distrouring and lockdown impact on the mental health of youth in the context of the corona virus. Some interesting facts have been revealed in this survey.

In India, unmarried young people are more like lying with their parents. The survey was conducted to understand what the challenges they face due to staying at home under these circumstances and how it has impacted their mental health. In this survey, the young people are also aware of their relationship with parents and what they think about their parents.

Fifty-three percent of young people say that they are anxiety and stress-faced because they cannot keep and share all the things. They believe that this is due to the communication gap between them and the parents. At the same time, seventy percent of young people seem to be willing to share their feelings with their parents.

Ninety-two percent of parents in the survey said their children can discus any thing free with them. Seventy-two percent of parents think that the generation gap is not the cause of the communication gap. Also, forty-two per cent of parents feel that they are unable to sympathize with the children because they have no relationships before marriage.

Support for unmarried youth in India is available from care family. The generation gap between parents and children has increased the communication gap. So they are not able to share details about the relationships. But experts believe that if they are free to talk about these things, the anxiety will be reduced and a little calm.

Here are some tips you can share with your parents, see.

  1. Think of yourself as what you want to tell them. If you are forgetting, keep the important things on paper.
  2. Tell them what you expect from them.
  3. Don’t be angry with your parents for another discus.
  4. Don’t worry if they don’t have their reaction as you expect.
  5. If you don’t know face face, write on paper and give it to your mother and father whoever is closeto. Or, mail it.
  6. It may not be the way you want, but it is not too much to be dismayed.

Also, for adults, there are some tips on how to deal with adult children here, see.

  1. Be open minded when your children share their personal feelings with you. Don’t judge.
  2. Remember that many things that the society has not accessed in your time have been accessed in their time.
  3. Talk to them every day. General things may be, but this will create a trust between you and your children.
  4. Listen to your children first. Do not get in the middle.
  5. Try to understand what they say from their side.

The tips given to parents and children are only an idea. There is no guarantee that they will work in all cases and for everyone. Base these ideas and follow the way they suit them.