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With breathing exercises, this danger problem can be overcome


Breathing Exercises.. Experts have done some research about this. What the results say is that

In 2018, the American College Health Association surveyed 88,178 college students in 140 campuses. About 60 percent of them have been anxiety. 40 per cent of the people expressed depressed feeding. So, they all said that their functioning is facing difficulties. After high school graduation, students will have to deal with new conditions as well as the new environment. Life-changing decisions and financial responsibilities are handled. You have to stay away from home. These are just a few reasons that cause mental as well as emotional stress. Moreover, it is important to avoid mental problems. In addition, gratitude, social connectivity and mindfulness are also important.

Recently, Researchers in The Yale Child Study Center as well as The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence have done a study. Various wellness programs have been targeted to improve mental health. Three classroom based wellness training programs have been analyzed. These programs are part of breathing techniques and emotional intelligent strategies. Emma Seppala, the lead author of the Women’s Leadership Program at Yale School, as well as faculty director, mentioned the important issue. Students need to be taught how to lead balanced life along with academic skills.

In this study, 135 Yale Undergraduate Students joined a course in these three. The 30-hour eight-week semester was invaluable in the Longwell Being Program. The first program name is Sky Campus Happiness. This is a course for breathing techniques. It has helped improve psychological resilience as well as reduce the stress in students. It is based on breathing technique. Sky Breath Meditation, Along with Yoga Posers, social connections are part of this. The second program is named Foundations of Emotional Intelligence. It has been shown to improve emotional skills, co-operation and academic grades. The third program is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. This is an eight-week mindfulness program.

Six benefits appeared in the Sky Group. That is, depression and stress has been reduced. Mental health has improved. Positive effect has increased. Social connections have improved with mindfulness.

Those in the Emotional Intelligence Group have been able to improve mindfulness.
There was no improvement in the third group.
Mental health issues are increasing lying in need of appropriate treatment. Medication plays an important role in these along with therapy.

However, there are some problems with these. So, if you train students with Wellness Strategies, you can avoid such mental issues. Mindfulness, gratitude, empathy can help reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Breathing techniques reduce stress and anxiety.

Breathing techniques improve circulation. The blood flow to the brain is improved. This will activate the parasimethetic nervous system. That is, the brain will receive a message of relaxation. For example, alternate breathing activates left and right hemifiers in the brain. If the balance is created between these, the stress decreases. Anxiety will also decrease. We feel relaxed.

How to get comfortable with breathing?

During any emergency situation, pattern changes along with the breathing rate. Rapid shallow breathes are taken from upper lungs instead of breathing from lower lungs.

Inadequate breathing can cause dizziness, breathing poorly, feeling something obstructive in the throat, tingling in the hands as well as legs or numberness, nausea and confusion.

Along with academics, life balance is also important.

The students should also be taught to handle success and also the goal of handling failure. The pressure on students in the current competitive world is increasing. Hence, they should be informed of stress management techniques. That is why, the way to handle life along with academics should be explained to students. Parents and teachers should also invite students’ development in this sense. How long student performance in academics should not be considered as an estimate for student progress. Life is not only academics but more than that.

So, parents should spend time with children and assess the mental state of the child from time to time. If students are under pressure in the matter of education, the reasons should be analyzed. Give appropriate advice. Stress controls us if we do not control stress.

The study has been understood that students are under pressure and breathing techniques are relieving them of stress. The educational institutions should try to train all students with such wellness strategies, says experts.