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The same thing is done for people over 50 years of age. With young girls! I will not leave at all The star heroine who has been dust


Star heroine Kangana Ranaut has once again made sensational comments on Bollywood’s bada babus. As long as the breath was there, no one was fired.

Kangana Ranaut, who has been shooting in a range of Bollywood bada babus for the past few months, has once again opened up. After Sushant’s death, many Bollywood celebrities have been condemned by the national media on Bollywood. Kangana responded to this issue Shocking comments that no one will be able to retreat as long as it is breathing.

Kangana Ranaut, who has been making sensational comments from the beginning, said that Bollywood is all about drugs and there is no drug-free party in Bollywood Once again, it was a fury. Bollywood is being sweated with drugs, exploitation, selfishness and nepotism, and it has been left unclean. Bollywood strikes back, and she is angry with her.

Star heroes are inhuman lying about women and those over 50 years old are also playing young girls exploiting. Kangana has been fired by sushant singh rajput and they do not care about the injustice before their eyes.

Not to stop “Don’t reveal my worst secrets. I will not reveal your worst secrets. ” Kangana Ranaut has made a stupid comment that there is an unwritten law in the film industry. Kangana Ranaut has directly questioned that since she was born, some families have ruled the industry and when will this change occur? This is why these comments have once again become a hot topic in film circles.