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The new glow in the cumbersome eyes, these domestic ways


The eyes are tired until the evening and the head also starts to get pain, so these home remedies are very handy…

Pain and sorrow in the eyes is a common problem in today’s time. Because the screen time on all of us TVs, mobiles and laptops has increased too much. But the pain in the eyes makes it very difficult to focus on any work. You need immediate relief from this problem. Let us know here about the domestic ways to relieve eye pain, duding and fatigue…

Increases sensitivity
-You must have noticed that whenever there is fatigue or pain in the eyes, your eyes become very sensitive to light. At this time you don’t like bright light at all.

-Pain in the eyes causes headaches and heaviness. Sometimes the pain increases and reaches the surrounding parts of the ear and the neck.

Tips to get immediate relief from eye pain
-By adopting some domestic methods, you can get immediate relief from eye pain and heaviness. For this, you first fill the water in your mouth and hold this water in the mouth.

-Now stop watering in the mouth and splash cold water on the eyes. Do this three to four times a day. In this way, you will get relief immediately when you wash your eyes and you will feel fresh.

Use cotton fabric
-You take a clean cotton cloth. It would be good if this cloth is of a light colour. If there is a white rumal of cotton, it will be even better.

-Now take half a glass of clean and fresh water in a bowl. Mix half a glass of cold water in this fresh water. At the same time, mix one teaspoon of gulbwater.

-Now soak the cotton rumal in this water and squeeze it with light hands and lie down on both your eyes together. You place this bandage two to three times for 5-5 minutes and soak the bandage in water each time and squeeze lightly. You will get relief.

Use of basil leaves
-You can use basil and mint leaves to give freshness to the eyes. Soak a bowl of basil and mint leaves (8-10 leaves) in a bowl of water before bedtime at night.

-Wake up in the morning and soak the clean cotton in the water and keep it on the eyes and soak the bandage in water in a short while. By doing so, your eyes will remain fresh for the day and you will be able to work on the screen for a long time without any fatigue.

-If you do not have time to do this in the morning, soak the leaves in water in the morning and use this water after the office in the evening.