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Suhas is the hero of the black: ‘Color Photo’ producer


Producer Sai Rajesh, who produced a variety of comedy films like ‘Hrdaya Liver’ and ‘Coconut Ta’ on Amrita Productions Banner Suhas has recently made the film ‘Color Photo’ as hero. Directed by Sandeep Raj. Chandni Chaudhary is the heroine. Sunil played the role of Keela. The film is being released on October 23 in ‘Aha’ as a Dussehra gift. Producer Sai Rajesh spoke to the media on Wednesday as part of the film’s campaign.

How did the film ‘Kalar Photo’ start ✦?
I have made the story of ‘Kalar Photo’ from my own experiences. Director Sandeep is my friend. I have tried a lot to give direction to Manodu in a big production house. However, the project was delayed due to some inevitable reasons. I gave sandeep a story and i became a producer and made a film ‘Kalar Photo’. Also, my friend Benny’s contribution to the film is unforgettable.

✦ is mentioned in the film about the color of the film. Is it true?
We have tried to tell the film very honestly and accurately about the varna. It is not necessary to think that this is a serious subject. We tried to give the audience enough humor and emotion and to tell the point we wanted.

✦ suhas is a hero?
Of course.. But Suhas has proved himself to be the act. Suhas was a comedian. However, Suhas is trying to get into films at the time of the project. We have decided that the whole unit will be right for suhas for this story. Then we contacted him and finalized him as a hero.

✦ two films from your Amrita Productions banner have been commercially successful. Why did the third film have to risk it again without going to a big hero?
My first two films were commercial hits, but I felt that i was not getting the dignity to come to our banner. I decided to make a film with someone new to fulfill it. In this context, I have built ‘Kalar Photo’. However, before the release of the film, i have received enough respect and recognition for my banner with the teaser. Many industry people have made phone calls and they are very happy to be admired.

✦ are you going to make new movies with new concepts? Or do you have any idea of going on the commercial route?
I can’t do the risk of producing huge films for my production and my budget profile. I do only concept based films. I am sure that the concept oriented films that I make are new to the new ones. My journey will continue to be the same in the days to come.

✦ tell us about the heroine in this film.
I did not know if Chandni would suit this story. I thought it would be good if anyone was a Bombay heroine. But after that, I felt like i was unnecessary lying in his case. I am confident that her acting in this film will be very popular for the audience.

✦ sunil character will be going to be? And what do you say about music in this film?
Sunil ji said that he would do this story immediately. He is going to be seen as a police officer in the role of heroine in the film. I believe that he will get a wait for the film. Also, Kala Bhairava music is going to be amazing. He has taken the film to the film.

What will you tell the audience about the last ‘collar photo’ of ✦?
The film ‘Color Photo’ is going to be released on October 23 and will entertain all the audiences. I am happy to come up with a good film. The story of 1990 – 97 connects to all. In the film, we have shown how loves are, how they meet, how they talk editing, etc.