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Solo life is only a few days. Enjoy it. Megastar’s Birthday Punch for Nephew


Mega nephew Saidharam Tej is celebrating his birthday today. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s birthday wishes were given to him. Solo life is a few days… Punched to enjoy it.

Saidharam Tej, who made megastar Chiranjeevi’s nephew, has earned a special image for himself. In the middle of some flops, he did not disappoint and again hit the success track. Tej received a blockbuster hit with ‘Everyday Festival’ at the end of last year Now so so much better to live so. This birthday boy who is celebrating thursday birthday is tweeted by uncle Chiranjeevi.

Chiru released the song ‘Amrita’ in ‘Solo Survival So Better’ Happy Birthday dear Sai Tej. Enjoy the full while ‘Solo’. Chiranjeevi said, “Your bachelor life is a few more days. Chiranjeevi responded to the tweet and thanked Saidharam Tej’s uncle. ‘This is the best birthday gift. Thank you for making this day more special, Mama.. Love so much. I will not ask for anything but your blessings,” Tej said.

Subbu directed ‘Solo Survivor So Better’. Nabha Natesh of ‘Ismar Shankar’ fame is the heroine. Taman has provided music. The producers are planning to bring the film to the audience soon after completing all the programs.