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Renu Desai Reentry Powerful Role in Pan India Movie


Renu Desai is re-entering the pan India film Adhya. Producers say that her role in the film is very powerful.

After a long time, Renu Desai is going to re-enter the films. She will be seen in a powerful role in lady oriented pan India, titled ‘Adhya’. Rao DS and S. Rajinikanth are producing the film on DSK Screen and Sai Krishna Podakshan banners. The film is going to be a huge budget with MR Krishna Mamidala is going to be introduced as the director.

‘Kabali’ fame Sai Dhansika, Along with Nandini Roy, Bollywood hero Vaibhav Tatvavadi will be seen in the key role. ‘Hushar’ fame Teja Kurapati and Geetika Ratan will be seen as a young couple. The film will start shooting on Vijayadashmi. Producer S Rajinikanth said that the film will be starring Renu Desai after many years and adds additional hugs to attract attention at the national level.

Picture details:
PRO: Dhiraja Apaji
Photography: Shivendra Dasarathi
Story-Words: Aditya Bhargav
Executive Producer: Krishna Chaitanya Reddy.S,
Producers: Rao DS-Rajinikanth.S
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Mr. Krishna Mamidala