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Megastar congratulates his brother Once again, they have a small appeal


Mega Brother Nagababu, who recovered from Kovid-19, donated plasma on Wednesday. He donated plasma to Chiranjeevi’s blood bank.

Elder brother Megastar Chiranjeevi congratulated his brother Nagababu, who recovered from the corona virus and donated plasma for the first time. Chiranjeevi tweeted on Thursday that he appreciated The Decision of Naga Babu. “Congratulations to nagababu, the brother who donated plasma in chiranjeevi charitable trust, in an effort to save some of them and not only win against Kovid-19. On this occasion, my request is to those who have recovered from Kovid. If you donate plasma, many more will be recovered. Please come forward,” Chiranjeevi said in his tweet.

Chiranjeevi is calling for a donation of plasma Fans say that Mega Brothers is great to see Nagababu donate plasma on the call of an elder brother. Naga Babu is praising him. Meanwhile, NagaBabu revealed on Twitter yesterday that he had donated plasma. Chiranjeevi has a video of his donation of plasma in the blood bank. There is also Anagbabu Voice Over in this video.

“Antibodies are made in the body for three months. That is, I’m likely to donate plasma a six times. Now that I have given it, I’m likely to donate plasma at least four more times. I will make good use of it four times. I gave plasma in my elder brother’s Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust Blood Bank. I am very happy with this. Chiranjeevi’s blood bank thanked them for taking my plasma. “Special thanks to Sajjanar and my elder brother Chiranjeevi ji for inspiring many people in this awareness program,” Naga Babu said.