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‘Love is so sweet’ October 16 (Tomorrow) episode! Another sweet scene! ‘From now on I will be the reason for your happiness.’


The october 16 episode highlights are for you. Television favorite serial ‘Love How Sweet’ episodes We are offering your time in Telugu for fans. The story has become interesting with new twists.

The television audience is very impressed with the ‘Love How Sweet’ serial 133 episodes The 134-episode will be entered tomorrow (October 16). The story of the mind that is not related to age is the love story of arya. As a story line, like talking with the eyes and believing in time Close to emotions.. How sweet is love for every mind. ‘How sweet is this love?’ Those who are not in love Love is so sweet that it is so sweet to think that the love is so great. That is why in a few days, the Serial has a special place in telugu television.

134 Episode Highlights
Without telling Arya about the loss of files Arya scolds Meera for what Mira did. Why didyou not say that. Is this a small thing?’ So Meera.. ‘Why did you not tell me a headache, sir,’ says coolly. Arya is angry ‘Is this a headache for me or is it your head?’ Whether the matter is small or big, I need to know If 20 years of files are missing That’s a small thing. They are not just files. The foundations of this company Is your careless or is there anything else in your mide?’

Anu also appreciates the recovery of files But immediately ‘Files have been recovered.. It’s not me.. Neil.. ‘ Arya laughs ‘When you make a mistake, there are many people who push the cause of the other side. But when the credit is corrected, there are very few people. Good’ Going on, he goes away looking at Anu. Then Meera will cry and scold her. Jende cools Meera and goes away.

Anu came to Arya shortly after ‘I’ve come to you, Sir,’ she says, looking at her. Did I call Arya suspicious? He says. ‘Didn’t you tell me to come with my eyes?’ I have come to see the swings of your eyes, Sir. Tell me why you come.. ‘ She says again with a smile. ‘Are you doing maya?’ arya laughed. So that’s what Reminded of the sight he saw in the meeting time I came to come, she said, laughing.

Arya said, ‘You are maya.. Do you want to do it again?’ So that’s what ‘It’s hard for me to trick you.’ ‘Am I a tough person?’ says Arya. ‘Taffest Person.. It’s hard to find your mind, sir. ‘Anu.. There are many setbacks in life If we hit the leg, we learn to walk properly. If the mind is hurt, we learn to live. I understand that in life, i know that the only thing that i live with is not love. Love is love that can’t be far away from anyone ‘He says, ‘I’m a man.

‘So, sir, you brought me back?’ she says with pleasure. ‘Are you happy?’ says Arya. ‘Why bring back saar?’ she says. ‘Ah. For the files recovered.. ‘ So that’s what ‘Sir, you’re a tough person.’ In fact, you have faith in God. You are God for me. Your eyes say That I will be happy anymore.. My mind says. In this happy time.. ‘ ‘One minute, sir,’ she said, running out.

As soon as i go Arya’s mind.. Anu talks to himself about it. ‘You are so happy to bring back anu.. I would have been happy to hear what I loved I am the reason for your pain so far From now on I will be the reason for your happiness.. ‘ Meanwhile, Anu brings sweet sand alms to Arya. ‘Is it a party?’ says Arya. You are not as big as the party. Arya laughs ‘Then will i take the party?’

So, laughing ‘It’s my pleasure. If you share your happiness as well I will take the party you give.. ‘ ‘I’ll give it to you. I will give you the reason. So it says, ‘Will you tell me now, Sir?’ ‘I will tell you when it comes to time,’ says Arya. ‘I’ll wait for the time.’ Meanwhile, Arya eats the sweet He does not look at the beard. Arya does not understand it and the sweet sticking to arya beard is wiped. At that time, the manohara music plays in the background and the audience is in the minds of the audience. ‘Love is so sweet’ continues.