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I am Archana, Amma nurse. We have no maggot: Ariana Glory’s emotion


Big Boss has shown the family photos of their childhood family on the screen by surprisethe members of the Big Boss house. The contestants were emotional lying on the photos

On Thursday, the big boss house had emotional events. Emotional touch to the Big Boss House Big Boss sent their childhood photos to the housemates They remembered their family members and were emotionally told to share the events of your life. Ariana Glory shared her personal details and revealed secrets that have not yet been told to anyone. His original name is not Ariana Archana revealed her life struggles. How archana became Ariana Glory Ariana shared what happened after that emotionally. Showing his mother and sister’s photo to the family members Ariana told the family background.

‘I never wanted to tell anyone my story.. I am Archana. My mother was a government nurse. Mom and Dad love marriage For some reason split and divorced. I am five years old. My sister is in the stomach of mother Mommy Daddy is separated. Since Amma has a government job She educated us and raised us. My mother always told me that my two children were two eyes for me. The sky is asked to bring it. My mother is a nurse. Surgery will be done. We have not had a male from our childhood. Everything was done by our mother. There were no relatives and functions. But we were very much raised. Once it was very strict but I don’t agree to anchor.

But there is no degree, there is no force to come to Hyderabad and rs. Join the job for 4 thousand There is also a lot of politics There was no food. Rs. 800, Rs. I also did events for 500. So, each step has come up here I am very happy to take that step My first love is missing But I feel proud of myself From Archana to Ariana Today, big boss comes to you and says, “Ariana Glory said her life secrets.