Home HEALTH Hemorrhoids are very beneficial in disease of khesari dal.

Hemorrhoids are very beneficial in disease of khesari dal.


People often understand the dal of Tur dal. But this ‘Khesari Dal’, which looks like arhar dal, helps to cure dangerous disease like hemorrhoids quickly…

Often people forget to understand the Khesari dal as Tur dal. Because it is largely similar to that of Tur dal. In Ayurveda, the use of Khesari dal is used to treat a variety of diseases. One of these diseases is hemorrhoids i.e. Piles disease.

Qualities of Khesari Dal
-Khesari dal is cold in nature. Therefore, this dal is not consumed in dinner. The intake of this dal is mainly suggested in lunch.

-This dal is light in taste and sweet. Khesari Dal is also consumed when there is a problem of bile growing in the body. Because this dal is a bile killer and works to increase physical strength.

-Like other pulses, it is rich in protein and iron features. The main thing is that in this dal and its oil, the virchak properties are found. That is, khesari oil and its dal are also very beneficial for the stomach.

-People who have problems with constipation, often disturbances in the digestive system, intestinal ulcers, should use khesari seeds oil. Because of the laxative properties, this oil does not allow waste to accumulate in the abdomen. It does not have the problem of constipation.

Is beneficial in these diseases
-Khesari dal removes the weakness of the bones. Those who use this dal in their diet do not have to face the problem of osteoporosis.

-People who have problems with internal inflection should also use this dal. Because eating khesari dal does not allow inflammation in the inner parts of the body.

People with the problem of acid formation in the abdomen also get a special benefit from eating khesari dal. Because this dal is cold in the effectiveness, it acts as a cold to the stomach.

-Being rich in natural and nutritious properties, khesari dal contains medicinal substances that reduce the pain of hemorrhoids. You will benefit more if you use khesari dal in your food with medicines for this disease.