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Director who has dropped out of Samantha’s film for Taapsee Here’s the clarity


Samantha has agreed to make a film directed by Tamil director Ashwin Saravanan. The film will be made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

Even after the final of some films, the actors are changing Otherwise the director will be missing. We have seen many such cases in the Telugu film industry so far. The reasonfor them is that there are various rumors, but it is not known whether it is true. Rumors have emerged that this is the case with Samantha’s film.

Samantha is in the lead role in the film directed by Tamil director Ashwin Saravanan and is preparing to produce a film in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Samantha is reported to be seen as a divya. Samantha is also taking training for the role. Ashwin Saravanan has already proved his talent with films like ‘Maya’ and ‘Game Over’ and expectations have been made on the film with Samantha.

However, there is a news campaign in the media about the project. Director Ashwin Saravanan has been dropped from this project. Samantha has put the film next to Ashwin to make another film with Tapsee Samantha’s director Nandini Reddy was reported to be in the field. Samantha has already worked with Nandini Reddy for ‘O Baby’. Now, samantha is going to give her a chance.

However, director Ashwin responded to these news. There is no truth in these. He spoke to an English news website. “There is no truth in the news. I do not understand why such news is written without knowing the subject of a director. Currently there are corona panic conditions. At this time, we prefer to be safe. The same thing happened with the film. We will start the film soon, “Ashwin said.

Recently, Ashwin revealed in an interview that Tamil actor Prasanna is playing a key role in the film. Moreover, he hopes that Samantha will be awarded for her performance in the film. At the end of this year The film is going to go on sets in the first place next year.