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Deepika Padukone, who returned to Goa, is ready to shoot the film with vigour


It is reported that Deepika Padukone has returned to Goa and has been shooting her film. He also shot a part of the film.

The Narcotics Control Bureau, which was investigating the drug angle in Sushant Singh Rajput case, had also recently questioned Deepika Padukone. It is now reported that Deepika has returned to Goa to shoot her film.

Earlier, Deepika was shooting the untitled film of Shakkun Batra in Goa and had to come to Mumbai after the summons of the NCB. According to the report, Deepika has joined her film team on Thursday and retains the same enthusiasm for her shooting that was earlier. It is said that since Deepika was on long break, the director wants her to shoot comfortably.

“Deepika joined the team on Thursday and was also looking for enthusiasm,” mid-day quoted the source as saying. Since it is a break of more than 10 days, prognostication wants him to work comfortably. He has shot some fun scenes with theory and Ananya.

Here, when the NCB asked Deepika Padukone about the drug chat with the charisma, Deepika said that she was a chat. When Deepika was asked if it mentions ‘ goods ‘, ‘ hash ‘ and ‘ v ‘ . Deepika said that the goods in her circle mean cigarettes. Hash means thin cigarette and weed means Modi cigarette.