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Corona for Trump’s teenage son Melania revealed


The President of the United States after recovering from Kovid said that the Usain could overcome the epidemic. But it is clear that the situation is not as he says.

The US president is struggling to change the attention of people from the corona virus. Recently, Trump’s son Baron was also infected with the corona virus. First lady Melania Trump revealed this on Wednesday. Two weeks ago, the president was diagnosed with the corona virus. My mind naturally turned to her, Wrote Melania. Baron, fourteen, who is studying in a private school near Washington, has not had any symptoms.

However, there is a worldwide debate on Trump’s health. People are worried about the spread of the virus within the most secure White House over the past two weeks. Trump, who is infected with the corona virus Only three days have been treated in the hospital and the election campaign has been resumed. Trump said at the White House that he was going to the election campaign in Iowa Baron is fine.

Trump criticized the Democrat candidate in the election campaign. Joe Biden .. The worst request in the history of the US presidential election, i feel ashamed to face such a person. If Biden wins the habit of surrendering, China will win and the reins of the administration will go into the hands of left-wing extremists. China will take our jobs, and if I win, you win, the United States wins.