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Be ready for war. Chinese president calls on army


On the one hand, the world is angry with the dragon’s attitude to the dragon’s attitude to the country and the countries in the South China Sea.

The two countries are continuing to negotiate and negotiate to reduce tensions that have been going on for nearly six months on the Indo-China border. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on his army to prepare for war. Jinping oversaw the newly developed Marine Core Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on Tuesday. On this occasion, they called for the preparation of the war. CNN news agency reported these details, citing The Official Media of China.

Jinping visited the military base in Guangdong ‘Focus your strength and attention on preparing for war. Be extremely alert. Be full-fledged and loyal to the country,” CNN said. However, it is not clear that he made these remarks to India or the US or any other country. On the other hand, it is a discussion of the Usa in the South China Sea and India in the eastern Ladakh region.

Junhu said Jinping stressed that the transition, construction, and improvement of combat capabilities should be attempted to create a strong force with multiple capabilities and rapid response in the battlefield. Xi Jinping stressed that the country needs to uphold the full leadership to rule the military comprehensively and strictly. The army has been made clear that it is completely trustworthy, pure and strictly trustworthy.